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4 Buildings Completed!

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The orphanage in Mbale has been given 6 acres of land as a donation by a villager in that town.  The goal of Bishop Wayabire is to build 25 buildings.  These buildings would house the children with beds, have their school with their classrooms and medical facilities.  A church in Indiana paid for a well there that gives clean water to 5000 people.  The money we raised by your amazing donations has finished the 1st 4 buildings!  Only 21 to go.

That kind of Joy

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I was recently introduced to a Joy that I had never witnessed before.  Maybe I seen glimpses of it in my child’s laugh on Christmas morning, saying “I Do” to my husband and when the doctor told me my child had been healed but they could not explain it.  Those were all Joy moments but because of the busyness of life, they flee.  I was blessed to experience a people that possess this Joy in their everyday life, in their worship and in their dance.  Psalm 126:3 says “The lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.  Psalm 100:1 says “Shout for joy to the lord, all the earth.”  Psalm 81:1 says “Sing for joy to God our strength.”  I let the cares of this world affect my joy. I allow the pressures of my career dictate my joy.  I hand over my joy when I have not realized daily, that “the lord has done great things for us!”  I silent the joy of God when I don’t “shout for joy to the lord!”  I weaken myself when I don’t “Sing for Joy to God our strength.”  Jesus, you are the giver of all Joy. I choose this day to walk in this Joy. Help me to not let the cares of this world steal my Joy.  I want to be Joy.  I want Joy to spill out of me.  I want Joy to overtake me.  Thank you God for showing me a people who walk in your Joy!  Thank you for showing me despite the situation, food supply, money supply, and circumstances, you can walk in constant Joy. 

James 127

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In the bible, God’s word tells us in James 127 to “take care of the orphan.”  There are times in our lives that we have all felt the agony of being orphaned.  Maybe a family member died,  maybe a friend moved, maybe a job ended and we experience a pain and grief that almost kills us.  But for most of us, this season of life ends at some point, or something else comes along and fills that void.  For the orphan, this pain, this void will be with them until the day they die, unless….. Unless the love of God is birthed inside their heart and they allow Jesus Christ to become their everlasting father.  His word says in Psalm 68:5 that He will be a “father to the fatherless…”  My heart and soul beats for the orphan that cries themselves to sleep, that ask “why” everyday, that long for someone to tell them the words “I love you” and truly mean it.  I desire to see the orphan allow God to hold them in His arms and wrap them in His love and kindness! – Mama Shay

Message from Uganda

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As I lay inn my bed, mosquito netting hangs from the ceiling surrounding every side of me. God whispers, this is how my love for you and protection for you is. My eyes water as I feel His love for me wrap around me. While I can see through this fine mesh, my vision is impaired slightly. God whispers again, because I want you to see this world differently. I want you to see people through my eyes. The thin mesh separates me from the outside. God has set His people apart. To not be conformed to this world. To be the light in this darkness, to be His Hands and feet. As I look up, a metal ring holds the netting from the ceiling. God reminds me of a wedding band. A covenant of two people who love each other and who become one. I am reminded of the covenant I have made. When I truly gave my life to Jesus, I became His bride. He loved me so much He laid His life down for me and now I daily give Him my life in return.-Mandy