As I lay inn my bed, mosquito netting hangs from the ceiling surrounding every side of me. God whispers, this is how my love for you and protection for you is. My eyes water as I feel His love for me wrap around me. While I can see through this fine mesh, my vision is impaired slightly. God whispers again, because I want you to see this world differently. I want you to see people through my eyes. The thin mesh separates me from the outside. God has set His people apart. To not be conformed to this world. To be the light in this darkness, to be His Hands and feet. As I look up, a metal ring holds the netting from the ceiling. God reminds me of a wedding band. A covenant of two people who love each other and who become one. I am reminded of the covenant I have made. When I truly gave my life to Jesus, I became His bride. He loved me so much He laid His life down for me and now I daily give Him my life in return.-Mandy