Refuge helps the Hope Refuge School and Orphanage in Uganda, Africa pastored by Bishop Wayabire. We helped to finish a few of their buildings there so far and they decided to use our organization’s name in their school name, what an honor for us. Well Pastor Wayabire came to the U.S. to spend about 8 days with us very recently. It was such an honor to be able to show him all of the things that we are doing here to help him in Africa. While he was here to visit, he went to Thibodaux Regional Medical Center and was able to meet and speak with the CEO of the hospital about the extreme need for medical equipment in Africa. He was also able to visit the eye doctor to get help with some vision problems he was having and, LuLu Thompson, a member of our Advisory Board is an eye doctor so she was able to help him with what he needed.

We were able to set up a meet and greet so he could meet some of the people in the area that were going to attend the next missions trip to Africa in January and some that are eager to go in the future. He was also able to attend the garage sale that we held which in the beginning confused him a little but he was so appreciative of people donating their things to be sold to help him and the children in Africa. We asked him on numerous occasions while he was here how his trip was going and he always answered us with excitement that he had a great time and was always eager to thank us for the work that we’re doing for the orphanage. We cannot thank everyone enough for the help that you all give to us. We would not be where we are today without the help of each and everyone of you.