Hi everyone, a group of our team is currently in Uganda, Africa helping the Bishop, his family, and the children at the orphanage. They are having a great time being able to help all of the children. You can just see the joy on the children’s faces from the pictures they are sending to us that have stayed here. The children are so happy to have our team there helping and ministering to them. These children are full of joy, they may not have very many material things but they do have the joy of the Lord. The church services there last 8 or more hours and you can just feel the presence of the Lord throughout the entire service. Please Pray for our team that the Lord would guide them in their every decision there while helping these children. Pray for the children as well, that the Lord would bless them & continue to show them His love in a time in there lives when they have no parents because of death, or illness, or reasons unknown. You can “like” us on Facebook to see all of the updated pictures from the trip and of course continue to follow the blog as we will post more pictures and updates.