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Rehema Medical Center and Maternity Home

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Refuge127 has teamed up with Dr. Sydney Nsubuga, a doctor and Rotarian from Mbale, Uganda, who has volunteered his services to help the children of Hope Refuge School.  He has been a tremendous help assisting us with learning the needs of the children.

In December, he came to the orphanage with us and administered de-worming medication to 550 children.  Dr. Sydney was responsible for doing the leg work to obtain the medication so that it was available when we arrived.

We were also able to deliver 12 suitcases of medical supplies and equipment donated by local organizations and individuals to Dr. Sydney to help him in his community clinic as well as at the orphanage.

Our first medical mission trip will be held this summer, and Dr. Sydney has been instrumental in organizing the logistics of vaccinations, medical records, and assistance that we will need when we arrive.  We will be working along side Ugandan doctors and nurses in immunizing, educating, and screening the children.  We are very excited for this to happen!

To learn more about what Dr. Sydney is doing, please click on the following link:

Zumba Love 2014

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If you know businesses that would be interested in sponsoring this event, please email us at  Business logos will be advertised.

New Year! New Updates!

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So much has been happening with Refuge127 and we want to share a few updates, pictures, and a video with you.

Tour of Homes

Tour of Homes 2013 was a great success!  We had so much fun and the homes were beautiful. Special thanks to our homeowners, caterors, bakers, door prize donors, and volunteers for making this year wonderful!

This trip was a very productive trip.  Here are a few pics of the progress of Hope Refuge School and what we were able to accomplish.

1. When we were there in Dec/Jan, one of the buildings had walls but no roof.  Since we have left, the roof has been complete!  We’re ready to begin building another building!!

3. We were able to de-worm 550+ children.

3. We brought 12 suitcases of medical supplies to Dr. Sydney for his medical clinic and to help treat the children at the orphanage.  

4. We were able to work with a wholesaler to purchase food for the children.

5. We had the first women’s service for the women of the village.

6. We were able to give new shoes and clothes to the children.

7. Nicholas is a little boy that we met at the orphanage.  He was very sick.  We prayed with him and he received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.  Dr. Sydney said that if he didn’t receive medical attention, he wouldn’t live long. We took him back to the Bishop’s house and collected $900 from everyone on the group for his medical treatment.  After tests, Dr. Sydney said he liver failure and Hep C.  Nicholas has so much faith. He believed His God would heal him.  Nicholas received His healing a day after we left Africa; it just wasn’t in the way we thought it would happen.  He is now dancing around Heaven, healthy and happy, with His Jesus!
This trip was very productive for Refuge127.  We made lots of new friends, and we are anticipating great things for 2014!!!
Webale Nyo!
(Thank you very Much)