Lacey LeCompte Co-Founder & Secretary, Board of Directors

“Being with them is such an experience. My life has never been the same since I’ve met them.”

“The first needs are shelter and food. When you have that you can focus on getting an education. When you have an education, then you have the power to break the cycle of poverty and create a change for the next generation.”
Lacey LeCompte, co-founder of Refuge 127 and secretary of the board of directors, never imaged she would be part of something with so much impact as Refuge 127. LeCompte said when she was younger, she always wanted to start a non-profit, however, she never thought God would lead her to Africa to accomplish it. “It [Refuge 127] was just something that got dropped into my spirit by God. A couple of years before we started going to Uganda, I felt a pull to Uganda, but I didn’t tell anybody because it was intimidating?”

LeCompte said she had originally joined with her friend and co-founder Mandy Holloway to do ministry with orphans at the Thibodaux Juvenile Justice Center (JJC), in 2008. However, when Holloway and Holloway’s husband, Shay, got the chance to go on a missions trip to Uganda in 2012, and LeCompte in 2013, they felt led to help the plight of the orphans of Kachomo, Uganda. “ I wanted to see these children get fed and get proper medical care. Being with them is such an experience. My life has never been the same since I’ve met them.” She said at Refuge 127 they focus on four things: Buildings, Medical, Food and Education.

LeCompte is in charge of all of Refuge 127’s media, including their Facebook, Blog and email program Constant Contact. She also is a heavily involved in Refuge 127’s two annual fundraisers “Tour of Homes” and “Zumba Love.”
A future goal for LeCompte would be getting a sponsorship program implemented for each child. “It’s a huge undertaking and we are not in a place to take on that large of a program right now, but my hope is that one day this will happen.”

LeCompte is employed as an academic advisor and instructor at Nicholls State University, where she has worked for the past 10 years.