Michael Garner President, Board of Directors

“It took away every persona of toughness and pride that a man could have, and penetrated my heart.”

After Mandy and Shay’s first trip to Uganda, God placed a burden on Michael’s heart for the children and the orphanage. From there he became a Refuge volunteer. After some time Shay, Mandy and Lacey (co-founders of Refuge) presented Michael with the opportunity to be the president of Refuge. After much prayer he accepted the responsibility. “It’s always been in me to work with children, and with Refuge, God has given me a larger venue to work with them.” Working with the children in Uganda is something that Michael knows God has rewarded him with. He was allowed by God to become an intricate part of Refuge.

Michael was given the opportunity to travel to Uganda the next year. “It took away every persona of toughness and pride that a man could have, and penetrated my heart. All I could do was cry.” Michael knows that was a fulfillment of God’s initial purpose of having him travel to Africa; God wanted Michael’s heart softened to do the work He has for him.

The children are what he looks forward to and dreads the most, “because you never know who’s going to be there when you return. Death is a natural part of life, but it’s something completely different when these children die preventable deaths.”

In the future, Michael would like to see Refuge become a regional influence so that people can see and capture the heart of the organization as they follow God’s leading. Michael’s desire is to be a conduit that God can use and work through, not only to the people of Uganda, but all over the world.

As president of Refuge, Michael’s responsibilities are to ensure that board meetings are organized, that Refuge operates within the legal boundaries of what a 501c3 is as a non-profit organization, making sure all legal paperwork is updated, and enter agreements with third parties that might be partnering with Refuge, “but above all, being the biggest servant of all.”