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New Year! New Updates!

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So much has been happening with Refuge127 and we want to share a few updates, pictures, and a video with you.

Tour of Homes

Tour of Homes 2013 was a great success!  We had so much fun and the homes were beautiful. Special thanks to our homeowners, caterors, bakers, door prize donors, and volunteers for making this year wonderful!

This trip was a very productive trip.  Here are a few pics of the progress of Hope Refuge School and what we were able to accomplish.

1. When we were there in Dec/Jan, one of the buildings had walls but no roof.  Since we have left, the roof has been complete!  We’re ready to begin building another building!!

3. We were able to de-worm 550+ children.

3. We brought 12 suitcases of medical supplies to Dr. Sydney for his medical clinic and to help treat the children at the orphanage.  

4. We were able to work with a wholesaler to purchase food for the children.

5. We had the first women’s service for the women of the village.

6. We were able to give new shoes and clothes to the children.

7. Nicholas is a little boy that we met at the orphanage.  He was very sick.  We prayed with him and he received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.  Dr. Sydney said that if he didn’t receive medical attention, he wouldn’t live long. We took him back to the Bishop’s house and collected $900 from everyone on the group for his medical treatment.  After tests, Dr. Sydney said he liver failure and Hep C.  Nicholas has so much faith. He believed His God would heal him.  Nicholas received His healing a day after we left Africa; it just wasn’t in the way we thought it would happen.  He is now dancing around Heaven, healthy and happy, with His Jesus!
This trip was very productive for Refuge127.  We made lots of new friends, and we are anticipating great things for 2014!!!
Webale Nyo!
(Thank you very Much)

National Youth Convention

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Refuge will be at National Youth Convention in Nashville, TN this week.  We will have our booth set up with our t-shirts and information about Hope Refuge School. There will also be an art gallery with portraits donated by arts, including photography from Mandylen’s Photography.  We will also have a fundraiser going on with pictures from Uganda.  For a donation of $5, you will get a photo from the collage of Africa.  Four lucky youth will receive a prize but first, all the pictures need to go!  Their names are written under the pictures! We are so excited about this event and can not wait to see what God has in store!  Please pray for God to open doors and that the mission of Refuge will get out and people would catch the burden for these children.  Also, please pray for a safe trip.

Update on Hope Refuge School

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Shay and our friend Jeramy just got back from a week long trip to Uganda two Sunday’s ago and God’s favor was with them! They were able to accomplish much while there and Shay was able to get updates on the Orphanage.

This is a new building in the process of being built. The donations given to Bishop during out last trip were used to build this building and to lay cement in the existing buildings where there was once only dirt floors. Now the children don’t have to sit in dirt while they are in their classroom.

Thank you for all of your support! We will be returning to Uganda in December.  Please keep up in your prayers.
 The kids say Thank You!!!

Flippin out for Uganda

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Mandy and Shay were recently invited to speak on the Lafayette news broadcast. The Opelousas Rotarty initiated a flip flop drive for the kids in Uganda that we will bring during our trip in Dec. We received our first donation from St. Vincent dePaul Society in Monroe! Thanks St. Vincent!!!!

Fundraiser October 5th!!!!!

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We will be having a Garage Sale and Jambalya dinner to raise money for this coming December’s trip to Africa. It will be on October 5 at 204 Isabelle Place, Thibodaux. The cost for the dinners will be $8, and we are also taking donations, but NO clothes. Thank you and God bless!

VIntage/ Antique/ Craft Sale

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On September 8, we will be having a vintage/antique/craft Sale. All procedes will go to Seth Holloway and Nicky Ordoyne’s trip to Africa this coming December! Please come and stop by! Address: 300 Ridgefeild Road, Thibodaux Time: 12(noon)- 5PM

Brick Program

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We started a new project for when we present to churches and organizations. For a donation of $100 given to the building fund for the orphanage, a person will get a brick as a symbol of what they are helping to build. Last night was our first time doing this and we sold 7 bricks!!! Only 113 more bricks to sell and we can build one building!!!!


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Hi everyone, a group of our team is currently in Uganda, Africa helping the Bishop, his family, and the children at the orphanage. They are having a great time being able to help all of the children. You can just see the joy on the children’s faces from the pictures they are sending to us that have stayed here. The children are so happy to have our team there helping and ministering to them. These children are full of joy, they may not have very many material things but they do have the joy of the Lord. The church services there last 8 or more hours and you can just feel the presence of the Lord throughout the entire service. Please Pray for our team that the Lord would guide them in their every decision there while helping these children. Pray for the children as well, that the Lord would bless them & continue to show them His love in a time in there lives when they have no parents because of death, or illness, or reasons unknown. You can “like” us on Facebook to see all of the updated pictures from the trip and of course continue to follow the blog as we will post more pictures and updates.