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Refuge127’s 6th annual Tour of Homes

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The Tour of Homes is a one night event where women of the community view four beautiful homes decorated for Christmas. Each unique home welcomes guest with delicious foods donated by catering companies in our town. We begin and end the event at House of Prayer Church. We end the event with desserts from all of our wonderful bakeries. This night is full of Christmas spirit, wonderful food, beautiful sites and much more. Door prizes from Thibodaux’s finest stores and restaurants are given away at the end of the night! Tickets are sold for $25 each. Tickets are on sale at House of Prayer Church in Thibodaux before and after all services on Thursday evening at 7pm and on Sundays at 8:30 am and 11 a.m. and also at Amy’s Country Candles in the Rouses Epicurean here in Thibodaux.

Foster Parenting

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Mandy Holloway, one of Refuge127’s cofounders, and her husband Shay currently foster two boys. The boys are Timmy (18) & Corey (17). Corey recently had his 17th birthday on September 13th and on the following Sunday he had a birthday party. He had friends from school, church friends, and his whole new foster family there. Mandy & Shay Holloway have been foster parents before, they just love helping these children to have the lives that they would have otherwise not had. If you would like more information on becoming a foster parent, you can email us at

Refuge Garage Sale

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One of our board members, Casey Roussel and his wife Toni put on a huge 1 acre garage sale and donated the profits to Refuge. This was an amazing event that Toni planned perfectly. We were able to raise over $3,200.00 in all to help foster children in our area and the orphans in Uganda. We are definitely planning to have another garage sale sometime in the fall, hopefully November, so if you have donations, please let us know and we’ll get them from you. A-Cajun Mini Storage next to House of Prayer in Thibodaux has graciously let us use a storage unit to store our donations in until the garage sale. Here are some pictures of the garage sale for you to view:

Bishop Wayabire

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Refuge helps the Hope Refuge School and Orphanage in Uganda, Africa pastored by Bishop Wayabire. We helped to finish a few of their buildings there so far and they decided to use our organization’s name in their school name, what an honor for us. Well Pastor Wayabire came to the U.S. to spend about 8 days with us very recently. It was such an honor to be able to show him all of the things that we are doing here to help him in Africa. While he was here to visit, he went to Thibodaux Regional Medical Center and was able to meet and speak with the CEO of the hospital about the extreme need for medical equipment in Africa. He was also able to visit the eye doctor to get help with some vision problems he was having and, LuLu Thompson, a member of our Advisory Board is an eye doctor so she was able to help him with what he needed.

We were able to set up a meet and greet so he could meet some of the people in the area that were going to attend the next missions trip to Africa in January and some that are eager to go in the future. He was also able to attend the garage sale that we held which in the beginning confused him a little but he was so appreciative of people donating their things to be sold to help him and the children in Africa. We asked him on numerous occasions while he was here how his trip was going and he always answered us with excitement that he had a great time and was always eager to thank us for the work that we’re doing for the orphanage. We cannot thank everyone enough for the help that you all give to us. We would not be where we are today without the help of each and everyone of you.

Refuge Garage Sale

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We are planning a garage sale to raise proceeds for Refuge127 to use for the Juvenile Justice Center children and the orphanage in Africa. This will be a huge acre long garage sale held in Vacherie, Louisiana on June 23rd from 6am-12pm. We are currently seeking donations for this garage sale. If you have donations for us, you can e-mail and we’ll give you further contact information. The full address for the garage sale is 2195 Hwy 20 Vacherie, we hope to see you there!

Paint Day at the JJC

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We had 47 people show up at the JJC for the Paint day!!!  Thanks to A&H paint, they donated all of the paint for us to paint all of hallways, kitchen’s and children’s living rooms.  The kids were so grateful for what we had done for them!  Our amazing youth pastor Donny Willis brought the youth group to play games with the kids while we painted.  Shay and Karl BBQ’d hamburgers and sausage for lunch.  Thanks to the private donor for the amazing lunch and all the fixings.  Thanks to Leslie Hebert for making each child who had a birthday in March their own individual cake.  It truly meant so much to all of the children.  To everyone who gave up their Saturday to bless the children of JJC, we honor you and we are so grateful to you.  We had an amazing day caring out the Motto for Refuge127:  To visit to help and to care for the orphan. James 1:27amp!!  You guys are awesome!

5K Run for Kids Feb. 25

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February 25, 2012
A 3.1 Mile Roll through Peltier Park and Thibodaux Neighborhoods
(Leaving from and finishing at the Peliter Park in Thibodaux)
Hello Running Friends:
House of Prayer Kid’s ministry ages ranging from 3 years to 6th grade, are proud to present the 1st Annual Thibodaux “Run for Kids” 5k walk/run.  This is a first time EVER 5k race being put on by our children’s ministry. We can’t begin to tell you how excited we are about doing this.
Of course like any new event, it takes resources, both human and financial, to organize and put on an event such as this one.  We are looking for your support. We are already in the works to have free entertainment, music, and children’s activities. However, there are a few other resources needed to make this race a success… We are hoping to provide free giveaways, awards, T-shirts, food, and etc. Your help is needed to make this fundraiser a success. Please view the sponsor list below to see how you can help.
Our Solid Rock children’s ministry will be giving 100% of the proceeds to CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) located in Lafourche Parish. This organization trains and supports local volunteers to act as court appointed advocates. These advocates are the voice for abused and neglected children in court cases. With your help, we are hoping to provide more resources to CASA in order to ensure a more safe and loving environment for our children with no home or family support. 
Not only are we helping a local organization, but we are also teaching our children the value of giving to those less fortunate. Please take this great opportunity to join us and be part of an event in support of CASA. If you wish to discuss how you can participate in ways other than those noted here, please contact one of the persons named below.  Please say, “Yes” and support us.  Thank you.
Please consider one of the sponsorship levels below.  Your contribution will make a difference.  Your logo and name will be included on all media, apparel and advertising.
Platinum Sponsor 
$2000 – $3499
4 inch on back
Gold Sponsor
$1000 – $1999
3 inch on back
Silver Sponsor
$500 – $999
2 inch on back
Bronze Sponsor
$250 – $499
1 inch on back
$50 – $249
Name on back
Food / Drinks / Gift Certificates
Donation of goods
Name on back
Semonne Holloway: 985-859-6231               Keesha Melancon: 985-859-2130

That Face

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That face.  The girl with the beautiful pink flowy skirt with her hands raised high and running in excitement.  It’s that face, full of joy, that I can’t get out of my mind.  When I close my eyes to pray, I see it.  When I hear the word Uganda, I see it.  When I think of the things that God is doing for these children, I see it. 
When Mandy and Shay first showed me their pictures from the trip, I made them stop when we came across this picture.  For me, it summed up the entire mission.  The joy that is in her just leaps out!  You can’t help but be moved by her.
I have so many questions – what’s her name?  How old is she?  What’s her story?  What are her dreams, her fears, her hopes? To me, she represents what this mission is about.  She represents the 1500 children that live at the orphanage.  She represents the burden of God …to visit and help and care for the orphan.
Before Mandy and Shay went to Uganda, I had this vision of them visiting these sad, depressed children but oh was I wrong.  Yes there is sadness at times and yes they live is deep material poverty but I’ve learned how rich they are.  These children, dispite their pasts, are full of joy and have a love for God and people that I’ve never heard of.  Mandy and Shay explained how happy they were for the simplest things.  The stories are so life changing that I found myself seeing this life I live in a whole new perspective.  God is my provider, the lifter of my head.  He is my sustainer and the joy of my heart!  She is the face of his burden and my burden!
I pray that God allows me to meet that face one day.  I hope that I can hug her and explain how she’s affected my life and that I too will experience, every day, the joy of the Lord that this little girl carries with her daily. -Lacey