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VIntage/ Antique/ Craft Sale

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On September 8, we will be having a vintage/antique/craft Sale. All procedes will go to Seth Holloway and Nicky Ordoyne’s trip to Africa this coming December! Please come and stop by! Address: 300 Ridgefeild Road, Thibodaux Time: 12(noon)- 5PM

Foster Parenting

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Mandy Holloway, one of Refuge127’s cofounders, and her husband Shay currently foster two boys. The boys are Timmy (18) & Corey (17). Corey recently had his 17th birthday on September 13th and on the following Sunday he had a birthday party. He had friends from school, church friends, and his whole new foster family there. Mandy & Shay Holloway have been foster parents before, they just love helping these children to have the lives that they would have otherwise not had. If you would like more information on becoming a foster parent, you can email us at

Paint Day at the JJC

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We had 47 people show up at the JJC for the Paint day!!!  Thanks to A&H paint, they donated all of the paint for us to paint all of hallways, kitchen’s and children’s living rooms.  The kids were so grateful for what we had done for them!  Our amazing youth pastor Donny Willis brought the youth group to play games with the kids while we painted.  Shay and Karl BBQ’d hamburgers and sausage for lunch.  Thanks to the private donor for the amazing lunch and all the fixings.  Thanks to Leslie Hebert for making each child who had a birthday in March their own individual cake.  It truly meant so much to all of the children.  To everyone who gave up their Saturday to bless the children of JJC, we honor you and we are so grateful to you.  We had an amazing day caring out the Motto for Refuge127:  To visit to help and to care for the orphan. James 1:27amp!!  You guys are awesome!


Welcome to the Refuge Ministries first ever post on our new blog!  We are so excited to have this up and running so that we can share the wonderful things God is doing through this ministry.  For the past five years, God have opened so many doors to allow us to minister to the children of the Juvenile Justice Facility here in Thibodaux.  This facility is home to children who have been removed from their home due to abuse or neglect.  Since 2008, we have taught weekly bible studies, been able to throw many “fun days,” bring the children to church, put a bible in their hands (sometimes for the first time), and love them unconditionally.  Through the support of so many, these children have been able to experience the true love of God.

Please follow us by subscribing to this blog.  We will use this blog to keep you up to date with the events that are occuring within this ministry.  God is taking us to new places and we want you to join us!

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

The Refuge Team