Hope Refuge School is located in a small village called Kachomo, Uganda. It is home to more than 550 at-risk children. We are committed to helping in four
 different areas:


Currently, we have 7 completed school houses with cement floors, doors & windows, and plastered walls. We will need beds and for each child when all dormitories are completed.

The cost of one building is approximately $25,000-28,000 USD. This includes cement floors, doors, shutters for the windows, a sidewalk around the building, and plaster on the brick walls adds an additional $6,000 USD to the cost.

We are committed to help build the following: dormitories with beds and mosquito netting, a kitchen, a church, a medical Facility stocked supplies, food storage, restrooms, and classrooms with adequate desks for each child.


Farming and Food Storage

Farming will enable the orphanage to be self-sufficient. As of now, food is being purchased to feed the children daily. Each child gets one bowl of rice and beans daily. At times, there isn’t enough food to feed all of them so the older children will give up their meal for the younger children.

We currently have purchased 2 ½ acres of farmland around the orphanage. The farming techniques taught by Farming God’s Way (link to their website at http://www.farming-gods-way.org ) will be implemented to yield a more abundant crop. Eventually, we would like to purchase livestock to help supplement their diet.



Although there is no medical facility on the grounds of the orphanage, projects initiated by Refuge includes dispensing de-worming medication, providing medical supplies and administering basic wound care. Future goals include gathering data, medical mission trips with local medical personnel, and health education.



Once the buildings are complete our goals include sponsoring teacher’s salaries, provide supplies for teachers and children, and to teach English. Currently, three different languages are spoken amongst the children.